Syntec, one of the leading BioSafety Cabinet Suppliers, builds biosafety cabinets (BSCs) to NSF/ANSI Standard 45, EN 12469, AS/NZS 2252, and with GMP guidelines. It might be interesting to note, that compliance of standards by Syntec secures safe working and controlled ambience with regard to the hazardous substances and prevent spreading of airborne envelops due to biosafety cabinets. Workers' safety and the safety of their products are thus assured, and pharmaceutical companies can be rest assured by using Syntec's BSCs. BSCs are an essential component of any pharmaceutical manufacturing facility as they provide the required controlled environment associated with working with many hazardous materials and protecting both the worker within the cabinet and the work phases from airborne contaminates. They are categorized as Class I offering the least protection to Class III offering the highest protection possible. Some of the probable areas where such applications could be are in the handling of radioactive materials, aseptic processing, use of hazardous materials, compounding pharmacy, and testing as well as analysis in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Some hypothetical advantages likely to come with BSCs include to reduce risk from contamination, improve worker health protection, aid compliance, as well as good quality assurance. Regular maintenance of BSCs ensures that they are working effectively and safely. This includes replacement of filters, cleaning and disinfecting, mechanical maintenance as well as calibration. Proper use of BSCs together with regular maintenance helps the pharmaceutical companies to protect their products, workers, and be compliant with the regulatory requirements.

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