Syntec excels in offering comprehensive solutions for environmental control, particularly in clean room environments, with its expertise extending to the design and implementation of sophisticated Building Management System (BMS) solutions. Our BMS control system integrates a suite of algorithms meticulously crafted to regulate temperature, humidity, and pressure with precision, ensuring optimal conditions within the clean room.

Through our BMS system in HVAC, users can access a robust user interface that facilitates real-time graphical visualization of processes and sensor readings. This empowers operators to monitor and adjust parameters seamlessly, enhancing operational efficiency and environmental control. Furthermore, our solution encompasses SCADA integration, granting access to vital parameters, PID loops, and production metrics.

In addition, our BMS control system offers customizable settings, allowing users to define GMP2 and non-GMP parameters according to their specific requirements. This flexibility ensures compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice standards while accommodating the unique needs of each facility.


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